Tropical Batcaves: Cueva Ventana

Cueva Ventana Obligatory picture

Sixty-seven photos of my most recent summer adventure… Yes, I had so much fun, and everything seemed beautiful! I would definitely invite anyone who wants to come to the Caribbean and venture inside these caves. That’s why I’m making two posts instead of one. And this is the first one!

1. Cueva Ventana
First off, we went to Cueva Ventana… It was 10am when we got there, a bit cloudy… so eventually it got very muddy.

Another obligatory photo!

Finally arrived to the cave! Be sure to take a flash-light and comfortable shoes.

Weird procedures (for me at least) were practised to get inside!

Cave walls!

Many tourists come to the cave. Seems like this is summer’s hot place to come by in the island.

Katiria found a sofa.

More like a chair. Right Carmen?

Katiria’s husband Javier transformed into a Cave Creature!

Amazing structures!

…and textures!

Javier was also our personal guide, telling us facts about stalactites and stalagmites.

Nice places to hide. Carmen agrees.

I found some friends above!

Sleeping bats!

And then, I wanted to be a bat too!

As you can see, not everyone is fond of taking care of natural resources…

Katiria can also hide in the cave!

Plotting in my new castle!

Finally la ventana (the window of the cave).

The view is fuckin’ epic! After all the darkness in the cave, you arrive to the sanctuary.


Obligatory jump at La Ventana.

Group at the view!

LOL… beware of the cliff.

And well… Alone… near the cliff. with a Super Hero pose.

More inspiration

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