Unboxing: Graze Snacks

I got my first Graze box this week and thought I’d share it here, for it turned out to be quite delicious. Graze is a subscription service were you pick what you like to eat and then receive a box of snacks at your doorstep. Check out my unboxing video and discover the new nutritious and yummy alternative.

► Each box comes with Nutrition Facts.
► You can choose how often you want to receive the box. For example: every month or every week! As well as the quantity of snacks you want to receive. (4, 8, more!)
► My first box consisted of 8 snacks. I loved all of them, because I rated the things I like an the few I didn’t.

As I write this post I’m snacking on Graze! And for the record this is not a sponsored review, I’m literally delighted with this discovery.
If you’d like to try Graze and receive your 1st (and 5th!) BOX FREE subscribe with this code: NAELLE6TP. You can stop your subscription any time, just wait ’till you try it.

Let me know if you join Graze. Tell me, how delicious was your free box?! ♥

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  1. boxes can be addicting so fast XD and this seems to be an healthy snack box. probably would keep that for when i have guests since trying something new together is even more fun ^_^