Vampire Season is here: Punkrave


It’s finally October and Fall is falling in place. I sat down in front the laptop with a piece of dark, chilli infused chocolate, a bit of tea and browsed for new gothic accoutrements. There’s something in the atmosphere that makes me want to splurge, perhaps and most notably the fact that the heat is slowly becoming less life threatening and clothes make sense again!
So instead of just eyeing the cyber aisles of black clad clothes by myself, I’m taking you with me. You might just fall in love with a bunch of things as well!

Falling Leaves and Romance
Best time to Fall in Love is during Autumn. Rediscover yourself and go out in dates with you -or that worthy human whose blood drives you crazy-! *vampire talk?
Dress the part!

Can we take a minute to fall in love with this blouse?

That classic Vampire Shirt every romantic should own. Check out the intricate details and get it here.

This screams “Take me out to that new bar with the goth dj that plays darkwave” such a dreamy coat! Comes in red (shown) and violet.


Winter is Coming
This year I’ll be spending winter in an actual cool place. I was checking my closet I noticed I don’t really own enough jackets or coats. So in order to remedy that I lurked Punkrave’s gothic jackets selection.

I’ve always liked black faux fur. This coat is so baroque with the varied textures and details, it’s brilliant!

When you are a romantic but it’s cold outside. Look at this stunning reversible cape, one side has lace and the other is made of velvet!

MG_4516This distressed and curly scarf looks warm and super versatile for layering looks.


The Witch is IN
Modern day witches are smart and move quickly through their day. Pieces should be versatile and stylish at the same time.

This magical cloak has some Stevie Nicks vibes.

This comes in black too!

I’d wear this everyday. I love how textured and layered it looks, yet very casual. Take a look at all these gothic dresses to dance your day and night away!

Speaking about casual; this is the perfect, all year-round vest to put all your black metal and witchcraft patches… I know I would!

This is THE bodycon hooded dress, for all your rituals.

I’m head over heels with all the things I found at Punkrave! Let’s be honest… I want it all!

They offer men’s clothing and even Steampunk dresses. So whether you are shopping for yourself, thinking about versatile pieces that will work for Halloween (with much better quality than a costume) or making a gift during the next season; Punkrave is a great place to check out! ♥

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*This post has been sponsored by Punkrave, all opinions my own.

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