Viewpoint: Alice May B

It is with great elation that we reach the end of September; darker months ahead immerse us in occult visions. Take part into a fantastic journey filled with a myriad of creatures, devils and other Mythos. Hailing from Newcastle, the illustrative work of Alice May B is permeated with a mystical and vintage feel. Peek and discover how the past sets her creative atmosphere running.

Describe what you do in one word.
Create? Concepts are what I do. That’s a very difficult question! I do what is most natural; this is really just normality to me.

What inspires you?
I have a lot of different things that inspire me but they all seem to have one thing in common. They’re old, or “vintage”. Music is the main inspiration for my art; I get inspiration for my artwork from all different forms of music. Other times different things will spark a connection with me, but they will always for some reason feel deep routed into my psyche.

Perhaps its music or a specific colour palette; do you surround yourself with a particular atmosphere when you create?
I most certainly do, in fact I try to immerse myself in it. Because music is such a large part and inspiration listening to something within the vein of what I’m going for works. Music really helps me visualise something and helps inject a feeling, emotion or the atmosphere of a time or place in my work.

Tell us about your process. Do you know what tools (watercolour, ball point pens, Photoshop, ect) you’ll be using right from the beginning of a project? Or is it a progressive choice that builds up until the final version?
Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, I would say it’s more of a progressive choice because I like to mix my media. I can often visualise the finished piece first so I have a vague idea of which colours and textures I want to go where, or whether I will need to use Photoshop (like the mirroring technique on the “Lucifer Sam” piece.) But the medias I’m using aren’t always straight off the bat, but I enjoy that journey.

Where do these mythical characters come from and why are they becoming visible in front of our eyes?
They have always been! I have always been fascinated and in love with mythology, I saw the imagery of it a lot in my childhood from video games to album covers. It has really stuck with me because as a child fantasy is reality now I simply want it to come to life through drawing, still holding the same wonder as it ever did. Fantasy is a very important thing to me and I want to share that.

I spy a Grimoire sketchbook! Tell us a bit about this project.
This project is very exciting for me; the Grimoire sketchbook is basically preparation to hopefully one day make an actual book. My dream is to one day have my art published in a beautiful book dedicated to my work and I want the format and appearance of it to replicate an ancient old tome full of spells and magick but also showcase my pieces.
The finished piece won’t look like the sketchbook but some of the artwork might be in there, but I also love being very creative with my sketchbooks, pushing it something beyond just that. I’m finding it very fun to make the thing with my own two hands and it gives me something to show as a little bit of personal portfolio work!
There is also another similar “sister” project sketchbook like this called “Book of Occult”.

Are there any other endeavours you are currently working on (like stickers)? When will these be released?
Yes, I am still very interested in making stickers and smaller crafts. I will most likely finish them up next year because I want to go back to the drawing board with those and re-think the style I’m doing them in and then I want to think about ways of selling them, maybe etsy!

Follow her daily updates at instagram and see more of her art via tumblr. ♥

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