Viewpoint: Mariano Scapula

Detail from Legión, (2010)

Encounter Mariano Scapula’s textured sculptures as they take life. Artist based in the tropical island of Puerto Rico employs various polymers such as fiberglass and thermoplastic. With the use of gauze and acrylics he drives emotions into new three dimensional constructions. Witness his passion for art creation in this month’s interview.

Suicidio, (2011)

Bloody Kiss, (2011)

Describe what you do in one word.

I describe my art as the force of manifestation.

Why and when did you start creating art?

It’ simple. I started making art since I was little, but in 2009 I started calling myself a true artist. This was in an art festival that was celebrated at the University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico.


detail from Amantes imperfectos, (2012)

Amantes imperfectos, (2012)


What inspires you?

Everything that surrounds me. I use my own emotions and the ones from society.  Also, society’s actions inspire and move me.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

My creative process goes from using everything on my mind until I can embody it on paper. Subsequently, I want my pieces to take life outside of the canvas.


Noche de ballerina, Work in Process (2014)


WIP, (2014)

What mediums you work with.

Right now I’m working with mixed media, sculptures in clay and/or polymer and I’ll be using soft metals in my latest projects.

What current projects are you working on?

My most recent project is with House of Phobia, in which I’m working as an artist in the “scenery” and/or art department, props, designing and redesigning some creatures… Also, among these things, there are other ideas that I’m maintaining in secret at the moment.

detail from Scylla entre lucero y penumbra (2012)

Scylla entre lucero y penumbra (2012)


What are you plotting for the near future?

I want to create an installation using mixed media, where people can have the opportunity to interact with the sculptures in an art exhibition if possible.


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Additional photos by: Enrique Jimenez



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