Viewpoint: Orlando González Valentín

Detail from Sin título (A. H.), (2013)

Envision the artwork of Orlando González Valentín, fellow artist from Puerto Rico.
He combines his tools of trade (pencils, pen, watercolours and markers) to convey delicate new worlds with much attention to wonder. Take a look!

Sin título (A. H.), (2013)

De.Lirium: Describe what you do in one word.

Orlando González Valentín: If I had to describe what I do in one word I would have to say: Imagine.

Detail from Her Eyes, (2012)

De: What got you interested in pursuing a career in art? Was it natural for you?

OGV: Since I was a kid I was very interested in drawing little monsters, robots and what not… My real interest in art came from working in a tattoo studio back in 2006. I guess you can say, that was my first contact with art per se. From there on I started to study Fine Arts in the University of Puerto Rico (UPR).

Horse Head 2, (2013)

De: What inspires you?

OGV: What inspires me? Curves, women, animals, magic, organic shapes, geometry, Coke, muffins and Sharpies.

B- 23, (2013)

De: Tell us a little about your creative process.

OGV: Well, I would say that my creative process starts by creating a story from something I see that really catches my attention. For example I see a little boy in the street carrying a box. I start to imagine and to speculate what is in that box. Then I feel the urge to draw that part of reality mixed with a fragment of my imagination and end up drawing a boy with a box full of chicken hearts and a toy boat or something and it ends up being a metaphor of what I’m feeling… or something complicated like that.

Detail of Sin Título, (2013)

De: How’s art perceived in Puerto Rico, and how does this affect you as an artist?
What are your thoughts on some of the art issues Puerto Rico is facing right now?

OGV: Art in Puerto Rico? We’ve been left behind from all the contemporary things happening in other parts of Mundus and some people still see art as the means to do money by making Marshalls-like art (decorative art) or something that it’s not worth studying; but on the bright side Street Art has been blooming over the past few years in San Juan.
Some examples are Los Muros Hablan and Santurce es Ley, some big art events involving Street Art in Puerto Rico.

La Aparición, (2013)

De: What are you plotting for the near future?

OGV: What I’m planning is a secret for now but I’m trying to gather and recruit local artists for a big, big project called La Mesa Amarilla. I’m very excited about this project so, let’s see what happens!

I sense much success in OGV’s present and future projects. To see more of his work please visit his website.
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  1. I’ve always loved his work and it’s been an honor to have studied with him and be a peer. His thought process inspires me and the way he manages to put out catchy images with thoughtful stories or ideas behind them it’s something to admire. Nice interview Naelle! 😉