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my_delicate_mary_by_Visceralmilk my_little_doll_by_Visceralmilk

Just like the act of kissing a bitter-sweet wound. A work so delicate it’s anxious.

I’ve been in awe since my first encounter with multifaceted artist Mayra Josef seven years ago. After incessant visits to Visceralmilk‘s work in an act of feeding my soul with visual poetry I knew I had to share it (along an interview).

A fascinating world of glitter, dolls and lace awaits to be disturbed by the viewer. Experience and fade into deep emotions!

Describe what you do in one word.
Ahh I feel so strange trying to figure this out, the only word I kept coming up with was “nothing” it doesn’t really feel like I am doing anything even though I seem to be doing something constantly. I don’t really ever plan anything, it sort of just in a bout of spontaneous excited mania happens to manifest itself like a sudden emotion, emotions are so abstract, they’re like nothing, like air or space or dust.

What inspires you?
I am incredibly fond of colors, textures and sounds. Sometimes tastes too, but the tasting is often related to the texture or color of the food or thing. Or a color will taste so wonderful when you look at it, like a sort of soft creamy peach scented tiny bell ringing delight.

How did you develop your style?
I was so terrible at drawing, I am always so ashamed of my past I am so relieved to not be that human anymore, I don’t know how it happened though but about two years ago or something my style completely changed pretty gosh darn intensely. It was so sudden I don’t know.


Your work includes doll sculptures, paintings, drawings and even wearable art. What are favourite mediums to work with and how have you diversified through the years?

I’ve always actually loved photography, film and music more than anything. I mostly keep the tiny films and music secrets though because I feel like I’m quite lousy at them, but I’ve always just wanted to experiment with anything in general. There are so many neat little things you can learn by just experimenting.

You’ve created your own world where delicate trees, Cyclops, kings, aliens and dolls coexist. How are they born into your work?
Ahhhaaaa! I don’t know! Everything is always just floating around and comes out, I love science fiction so I suppose that’s always something I like to do… though not that often. Everything seems to just fit so well, I don’t try to really “do” anything. I suppose it’s all just very emotional stuff leaking out.

Tell us a little about your creative process behind your dolls.
Whenever I seem to end up making one of my babies I’m dealing with some terrible bout of insomnia. I just sort of loose my brain and become this machine mindlessly nonstop making this little creature until I finally feel like vomiting and passing out from complete exhaustion. I always feel a terrible wave of anxiety when I see that the sun is already up and in full light filled bloom when I haven’t slept at all but at least I have this little doll I made.

What are you plotting for the near future?
I have no idea, to be completely honest I’m just hoping I will be healthy and able enough to keep making little bits and pieces of artwork.

We hope you keep filling our mouths with your own kind of Visceral-milk. Follow her work on Facebook, tumblr and Etsy. ♥

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  1. Fascinating artwork! Can not stop looking at every and each piece you posted.
    Thanks for your time and love for sharing so well selected and inspirational Artists!