Virtual Landscapes

I don’t know how many of you noticed, but the blog was down for almost five days! Looks like bad luck with the virtual world has been by my side this spring.

I might change my host because I can’t cope with how slow wordpress runs under Godaddy’s hands. I’ve had no issues with the domain I bought from them a few years ago, but the web hosting is dreadful. I’ve already done some research but it would be great to know some input from those reading this. Anyone recommends a blog friendly host?

Well enough talk about troubleshooting. Here a few pictures and a video to start saucing things up.

Capturing my surroundings in an effortless manner in video format is always fun. Spring came with allergies and a totally-hot-weather in these parts. Luckily a bit of rain has saved the night time.

I hope your week is filled with gracious fairy light and Virtual Goodness! ♥

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  1. I have my blog (also self-hosted WordPress) hosted by HostGator. I had GoDaddy once but moved to HostGator after multiple problems with GoDaddy, and I have been completely happy with HostGator! I’m planning on having my professional portfolio hosted by HostGator as well.