Vision: Pareidolia

I have been working on this short film for a while. Mainly because crashing systems and other vicissitudes got in the way. Anyway, the vision is finally here. This video was born as a celebration to different ways of seeing. Perception is a subject I’m keen on exploring in my work and wish to continue doing so.

Here’s the video!

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Here are a few “behind the scenes” during the creation of Pareidolia (via instagram)

Makeup work in progress break #wip

Un vídeo publicado por Naelle Devannah (@viruella) el

Sneak peek of today's finished #makeup work. #videoviruella

Un vídeo publicado por Naelle Devannah (@viruella) el

Current #workspace. #preview and stuff. #naelledevannah

Una foto publicada por Naelle Devannah (@viruella) el

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