Watercolour: New supplies

This is a super quick entry to update/talk about several new supplies I got recently. I was going to post something else (think video) but my laptop officially died this past Saturday.

Needles to say, I’m doing everything possible in my hands to keep my creative flow running as I’m working on the next challenge for the NYX PR Face Awards (more on that soon!).

Here’s the list of tools I got in order to upgrade my workspace:

♫ I got a lovely block of Arches Paper. This paper is a dream!
♫ 3 Uniball White Gel pens for the ULTRA MEGA WIN OF LIFE.
♫ A sketchbook: The paper in the Strathmore Watercolour Sketchbook bends a bit when wet, but nothing too extreme that makes me cringe.
♫ And the following Winsor and Newton watercolour palette:

The little brush that came with this set is annoyingly short!

Some quick swatches mainly comparing the Winsor & Newton palette to the Daler Rowney tubes. Both paints are great, not powdery at all. Pigments vary by color.

Needless to say, these have been heavily used since day 1. I’m already planning on getting a few inks, but before making further investments I need a laptop (woe is me)!
I’ll be reopening my online store, where I’ll have originals and collectibles. I’ll post about the store once it’s ready.

However, if you see something you like (and cant wait until I get another laptop) and you dont want someone else to get it first; you can ask me about original paintings availability and I’ll happily send them your way. ♥

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