What’s in my coffin?

All these items sleep in my coffin. I go to classes everyday so the contents of my bag don’t change much. I try to take with me only necessary items that I’ll use during the day. Come see what’s inside!

This coffin bag with a bat was given to me by my beloved. It used to be his motorcycling bag but he got a bigger backpack. I cannot lie: I always wanted this bag and now it’s mine! 😀

Ruled notebooks for college: This is the third consecutive year I get notebooks from Plush Poison (by Tilibra). Ivie is my favorite (she has bat wings and black #1 hair) . These are hard cover and cute as usual. 😀

Looks like there are too many keys on my keychain… -.-‘ My Muk keychain I got it as kid from Burguer King’s Pokemon Suprises that I collected. I designed the skeleton bat and won the key-chain in a contest. And since Samari knew how much I love matrioshka dolls she also gifted me the super cute doll beside it. ♥ On a side note: it’s time to wash my key skull covers! XD

A vintage Badz Maru bag were I put my change and college cards. My phone (given to me by my friend Carmen) features art-work by Naomi Von Monsta as wallpaper.♥ I also found a random movie ticket from Mama (not that great of a movie).

My current little notebook is an old one I had by Lisa Frank. I make lots of lists inside it, and doodles! Purple Ink is a must, you know.

Random bottle of water to hydrate all day and gum because I like to chew… ?

My sunglasses also sleep inside a coffin box that I made for them. 😀

 I’ve been carrying the Oktomat my sister gave me and a spare roll of Ilford film.

I think that what I carry around in my bag says a lot about me. Something around these lines: I open doors, like bats and take pictures. XD
Do you carry any similar items in your daily bag? ♥

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